Solo Travel in Africa

The solo travel path is never an easy one to begin, but once you take the first step out of your front door, a solo adventure is invariably a life changing experience. There are plenty of tips and tricks out there, but ultimately it’s up to you to take the first step. And with yourself as your own companion, a single safari experience allows for you to decide and for you to take charge.

Of course the decision to travel alone is never an easy one to make. There are a lot of variables to consider such as prices for single occupancy, ensuring you will have company and not feel lonely, ensuring you will be safe and well taken care of, and also making sure that your adventure will be breathtaking. We encourage all single travelers to take the leap. We’ll ensure all aspects of safety, get you the best prices, and ensure you’re given the opportunity to rest and rediscover yourself on an amazing adventure.

But why Africa and why a safari?

Africa has of course traditionally been considered a destination best experienced in group. The idea of single travel to Africa, especially for solo female travelers, was frowned upon. “It’s too dangerous,” “It’s an unsafe area”, and, “What if something happens?” All questions and statements that single travelers invariably ask themselves when considering Africa. The real question one should ask themselves is, “Why not?”

The destinations we offer in Africa are not dangerous places. Every eventuality has been considered, and we ensure that every aspect of every trip is covered and is secure. This makes solo travel in Africa one of the best destinations for single travelers anywhere on earth.

And then there is the safari aspect. Mixing solo travel and safari enables single travelers to experience wildlife in a very personal and authentic way. It is a spiritual experience when you are in the wild and you look into the soulful eyes of an elephant up close. To feel a` deep and personal connection with nature is most easily achieved when traveling alone. It is this type of experience that makes a solo safari worthwhile. It is this type of experience that we promise you when you travel with us on a solo safari.

Solo Travel