South Africa has long been hailed as a world class safari destination. It is also a world class single safari destination. This means that it is a great place to visit as a single traveler. There are a number of excellent options for single travelers and the diversity on offer is enough to make South Africa a solo destination in its own right. Each destination is South Africa is different and very special, with Cape Town and the Winelands in the south all the way through to Kruger and Madikwe in the north.

Our recommendation to solo travelers is to not limit a safari to just one destination, and this holds particularly true for South Africa. Mix it up if you can. Spend time in Cape Town, but also visit Botswana. Go to the Garden Route, but also visit Zambia. You get more out of a a safari when you combine South Africa with another Southern African Safari Destination.

South Africa Solo Safaris

Cape Town

cities in the world. It’s not hard to see why. White sand beaches with perfectly formed waves wash up against iconic mountain scapes. The city shines like a jewel and has a number of incredible options available for any visitor.

The beaches are incredible and very diverse. There are a number of beautiful hiking trails in the Table Mountain National Park. You can visit Robben Island where Mandela was imprisoned. The Kirstenboash botanical gardens are consistently voted the best in the world and they have summer concerts ever Sunday. Boulders beach and their penguins are a must. And then you have the wine lands that are located less than a 40 minute drive away.

It’s also the perfect place for a solo traveler. Too many great restaurants and bars with buzzing atmospheres – all friendly and open to single visitors. Hotels are numerous and located all over the city. There is a hop on hop off bus. And there are numerous group tours that allow you to mingle with other single travelers.

When to visit Cape Town? Best time of the year to visit Cape Town in from Spring to end of summer. That’s mid September through to April. Skip the winter months as it’s cold and often rains. A number of tourist attractions such as the cable car going up Table Mountain close for maintenance in July/August. Summer is definitely the time to visit.

Cape Town

The Winelands

The Cape winelands is an area that extends from Cape Town through Paarl, Stellenbosch, Somerset West and goes on all the way out over to Hermanus where one can view whales in the winter months. The Winelands consists of over 500 different vineyards, all dedicated to growing and producing their own varietals and award wining wines.

Wine is relatively cheap in South Africa, and visiting the the wine lands is a perfect way to learn about wine, wine production, and of course a great way to pick up a number of bottles to take home after a thrilling safari.

In Franschoek, there is a wine tram, and this is particularly recommendable for single travelers. The wine tram gives visitors the chance to hop on and off a series of trains and trams that connect at least 40 different vineyards. perfect for single travelers as you’ll invariably make friends with different travelers on the trams as you make your way to different wine tastings. Meals are served in the different vineyards, and if you’re staying in Franschoek you don’t need to drive (or get anyone to drive) you home.

When to visit the Winelands? Much like Cape Town, visit the Winelands in the Summer and avoid the wet winter months. However, the Winelands are also quite cool to visit during winter as you are able to cozy up next to roaring fires while enjoying red wine. It all depends on other activities you decide to do after the wine lands, some of which are more preferable during winter such as visiting the Okavango Delta in Botswana.


Kruger Park

Kruger Park is well known globally for its Safari offering. It has a lot on offer and has a wide range of wildlife available for game viewing. It’s a world class destination, has a number of lodges on offer that cater to different tastes and budgets, and it’s relatively close to the Johannesburg hub meaning you can board a short commercial flight and be in Kruger in less than 2 hours after leaving Joburg.

Kruger encompasses the Big Five experience, and the Big Five are seen in the park throughout the year. Kruger also has a n umber of lodges that are single traveler friendly.

On the downside Kruger is overly touristic, and large crowds often swell around Big Five sightings which detracts from the safari experience. There are lodges on private reserves within Kruger that offer a more secluded experience, but these lodges can be very expensive. Its a great place to do a safari in a hurry, but if you have more time and want to experience something more authentic, we recommend the Madikwe Reserve in South Africa or any destination in Botswana.

Best time of the year to visit Kruger? Anytime of year really. The Kruger has a dry winter season which is considered the best time of year for game viewing. However, the summer months are green and lush, and while game viewing is a little harder, the vegetation is more tranquil and lends itself to a more enriching safari experience.

Kruger National Park


Madikwe is quite probably the best safari destination in South Africa. You might find better in Botswana or Zambia, but not really anything better in South Africa. It’s malaria free which is a huge bonus, and it is a big five reserve which means you can see all of the Big Five on a visit there – although leopard viewings can be tough.

The Madikwe Lodge is located a three hour drive from Johannesburg and is located right up against the border with Botswana.

Madikwe has a number of interesting lodge options available, and a few of the options are perfect for single travlers. Some of the lodges are very high end, but there are a few mid range options that combine comfort and excellent services perfectly.

When to visit Madikwe? Because Madikwe is malaria free it can be visited year round. The winter months can be a little cold in the evenings but they are not unmanageable. Likewise, summer can be hot, but it’s also not unmanageable. The great thing about Madikwe is that it combines very well with other safari destinations as it can be visited year round.


The Garden Route

The World famous garden route begins approximately 4 hours drive from Cape Town down the coast. This sunny stretch of pristine coast is a wonderland. The area has pristine beaches, lush forests, hip little seaside towns, and a number of interesting activities for every type of person.

The highlights of the Garden Route include Wilderness, Sedgefield, Knysna, Plettenberg Bay, and the outstanding Tsitsikamma area. Every single destination is different and suited to a different type of traveler, but all of these centres offer incredible lodges and great activties.

Wilderness is more laid back and well suited for adventure enthusiasts. There are great trails in the area and some e excellent kayaking experiences.

Sedgefield is great for elder visitors looking for something far more relaxed. Kynsna has some excellent restaurants and oyster bars and is very popular with travelers who enjoy culinary extravaganzas. Plettenberg Bay is a little more ostentatious and depending on the time of year either caters to surfers or bridge players. Lastly Tsitsikamma once again attracts more adventurous types. It has the most beautiful forested areas and walks and is great for solo travelers looking to experience Africa.

When to visit the Garden Route? The Garden Route is good all year round, although it’s warmer during the summer months running from November to April. Just make sure you miss the are over Christmas and school holidays as it is very popular with local tourists. Winter is also a popular time to visit as whales are regularly seen along the coastline between July and October.

Garden Route
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